Writing Challenge: December

I’m back again. I fall off sometimes but I always come back haha. I took another break from social media to do some personal in house cleaning. I spent the last three months studying for the JLPT level 2 as well as in the middle of applying for graduate school in America as well as in Japan. And… I’m searching for a new job. As much as I hate change (stubborn Taurus), I want to move from Tochigi. I appreciate living here, it’s a great starter city here in Japan but it’s time for me to move on to better things.

Winter is here, my least favorite time of the year. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas music, and holiday food but I hate how commercialized the holiday season is. Everything is overpriced and everyone expects a present from somebody. And nobody is ever happy with their present, which is why I stick to only giving out gift cards to stores I know people like.

Winter is also the worst time for me because I suffer from the winter blues. I hate the cold, so I avoid going outside and seeing my friends which just makes me even more depressed. I overeat because I’m not exercising as much, and the only thing I want to do is sleep. It’s an endless cycle of depression until the flowers start blooming again.

But my saving grace so far has been my writing. I’m not an excellent writer but it has been therapeutic for me these past several months. I really want to publish a novel within the next year, so I’ve been challenging myself to write more and more everyday. Not only in English but also in Japanese as well. I do all my work on computers for the most part so there’s not really an opportunity to really practice writing in Japanese. So I’m going to challenge myself this month to write something everyday, and thought why not share my challenge with others who might also want to do the same thing.

This writing challenge is specifically for Japanese but, I’ll leave the English up here if you want to write in another language.


Writing Challenge Week 1: December 1st~8th

Started the week sort of late, but there’s no reason why we can’t play catch up a bit. So let”s start simple and slow and build up from there. You can write as little or as much as you want. Remember this is for us to push ourselves.

December 1st:


Winter is finally here! What do you like about winter? What do you dislike about winter?

December 2nd:


Since it’s getting colder now, we often have to change our daily routines. What’s your winter routine? Does your routine change from season to season?

December 3rd:


Arguably winter has the best music. What are your favorite Christmas carols? Why?

December 4th:



Many people travel during the winter holidays. Have you ever traveled during the winter holidays? Do you want to travel somewhere this year?

December 5th:


Since living in Japan, there’s always a twist put on to certain western holidays here. Are there any winter traditions that you think are strange?

December 6th:


I am definitely an indoor person in the winter but I know some people who love going out in the cold. Are you an indoor or outdoor person during this time? What activities do you enjoy doing during this time?

December 7th:

毎年ウエンタブルズを苦します。この時にあなたが落ち込んで来ていますか? それなら、 それを直すのために何をしていますか。

I suffer from the winter blues every year. Do you get depressed during the winter? If so what are somethings you do to change that?

December 8th:

一番いい点はたくさんいい食べ物が食べられています。どうなの食べて待ちますか?    今年何か料理しますか?

The best part about the winter is that you can eat so much good food.  What holiday foods are you looking forward to this year? Will you cook anything this year?


Remember this is a time to challenge yourself and push your own foreign language understanding. Leave a comment below about any of the challenges in English or whatever language your learning.

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